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Ottawa Neighbours Collaboration

Ottawa’s Small Business Cheerleaders

When I meet people who are new to Ottawa, who are starting their own thing, have a side hustle, or came for a job, but maybe have a DIY passion they dream someday may be a job, I always tell them the same thing; Ottawa residents are super supportive of small businesses.

The maker community is booming and bonding over a shared love of knowing where your belongings came from. Independent businesses are shining in the face of big-box stores and restaurant chains. And residents are realizing that supporting local businesses keeps the diversity of their options open. It means we don’t all have to dress the same, drink the same coffee and attend the same classes. Small businesses support our ability to be the amazing individuals that we are, and with so many options we could never get bored!

Ottawa has changed so much over the years, and as it continues to grow, I personally get more and more excited to live here and welcome people into it’s open arms every day.

Speaking of Ottawa newbies, Mike and Marianne of Ottawa Neighbours stood out to me right away. They moved to Ottawa a mere 12 months ago and began right a way meeting business owners and managers in the city. Their profiles and pictures are an incredible eye into the lives of Ottawa residents brave enough to try something new.

Be sure to follow them, as they introduce us to some of the incredible people on Elgin Street who are behind the scenes. You won’t want to miss it!

Christa Blaszczyk