I Dig Elgin - in the beginning

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I Dig Elgin - in the begining

How I met my neighbours

It all started over coffee. Like many great ideas and adventures, I Dig Elgin started with a small group of 3 business owners, plus the occasional drop-in, trying to find ways to work together. We found we were all really focused on supporting each other, strengthening our community and sharing what we loved about our eclectic and diverse neighbourhood. The weekly coffee meet-ups turned into our first event the “Upper Elgin Shop Hop” where we enlisted 10 retail shops to host coordinating holiday parties in December of 2017. The party was a hit, and we decided to do it every year, adding more businesses to the mix and more events the next year.

Then we started talking about the Elgin Street Renewal Project, and what we could do to work with more businesses when the road would be closed in 2019. We thought if we could keep the foot-traffic up, and the businesses feeling positive, the street’s independent and small businesses would be able to survive and hopefully continue to thrive during the long and no doubt difficult road ahead.

I Dig Elgin, is a concept and slogan we hope will drive Ottawa and the surrounding community to continue to support the businesses on and around Elgin Street, despite having to get their feet dirty. I Dig Elgin will be hosting events over the next couple of years, and highlighting the people, places and things to do on Elgin St. For us, this means that on the other side of renewal, our community can be even stronger and Elgin Street will be a place we hope everyone will want to experience.

Christa Blaszczyk